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Pure Income (PureIncome.com) is a HYIP that has been running for 149 days (at the date of writing this).

I’ve put this post together to share my honest opinion and recommendation for you.

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pure income hyip

Pure Income has been operating in the HYIP market for 149 days as of writing this post (28th of June 2013). During that time they have attracted many investors and reviews on popular monitoring websites.

Their plan is actually very simple. You deposit an amount you are comfortable with and the investment term is 180 days. Using their online calculator a $100 investment grows to over $1000 in just 180 days. Daily interest is paid on the starting amount and the amount is compounded each day.

Are Pure Income Legit?

Pure Income are operating in the HYIP market which raises immediate concerns over their legitimacy. In my experience of reviewing over 100 programs in this industry I have not seen one that lasted longer than about 15 months with the majority lasting only 2-3 months on average.

Is Pure Income A Ponzi Scheme?

Since most of these programs run ponzi schemes it is very likely that Pure Income is also running one. A ponzi scheme is where investors are paid by their own investments or other members investments. There is no real investing of the money in order to bring a return. They are an illegal type of scheme as they are unsustainable and cause major financial loss eventually to the majority of investors.

No.1 Recommendation

If you really want to make money online I suggest avoiding all hyips as they are bad news.

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